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I design and facilitate transformative learning processes to help your organization stand out as an example in sustainability and responsibility.


Are you a C-level executive in an impossible situation? Someone feeling totally hollow, lost and without purpose? Absolutely confidential.


You can book me for keynotes and public lectures. I have addressed both Cabinet Ministers and prospective students. Every audience will always be equally important. For the range of topics please see My Work below.

Also available in the future

PLEASE NOTE: These products are likely to become available in late 2019 at the earliest.  

Online courses

Courses built on top of a quality learning management system will be available in the online store. They will be practical and designed to add easy value, meaning they will also be good for your budget.

E-books, podcasts and videos

You can already access many ideas for free on my other social media platforms (Medium, Youtube etc.; click relevant buttons below). And if you speak Finnish, go to Even more value will be available by purchasing e-books, special podcasts and videos. These will be available later in the online store.

The Global Inner World Community

This is my ultimate dream and vision. I hope the Global Inner World approach could inspire as many as 10 million people to benefit from a new kind of altruistic community. One that would empower you with loving but realistic tools for trust. One that would become a decentralized, systemic change agent that so many desperately seek. This will be a membership-based, invitation-only community, but built in a completely transparent and egalitarian manner.

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What others say

Sami is a talented person with deep interpersonal skills and the ability for multi-professional cooperation.

Ikali Karvinen
Country Director, Finn Church Aid

Sami is a true professional and I’d trust my project goals and budget to him. I’d work with Sami again on any given day.

Riikka Halonen
Google Cloud Project Manager, Gapps

I highly recommend Sami as a reliable, trustful partner and a skilled expert in project management.

Ridvan Genç
Senior Project Manager, EU Frameworks & H2020 Programme Unit Coordinator, Gazi University

It was a golden opportunity to work with Sami. His expertise in the academic field is outstanding.

Ghanshyam Bishwakarma
Researcher, University of Eastern Finland

Sami would be an excellent mentor or partner for any projects in sustainable development and international affairs.

Suvi Ruippo
International Coordinator, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

As a project manager Sami is very committed and enthusiastic, he inspires and motivates others to join and contribute. He is a very good and productive writer and a good public speaker.

Hanna Hovila
Digital Learning Expert, Diaconia University of Applied Sciences

Very few people have the ability to envision the big picture and painstakingly outline the details. Sami is one of them. And one more thing, he plays the guitar well.

Laxmi Prakash Thebe
Software Engineer, Research Assistant, Aalto University

Sami is a well connected teacher and coach that always takes the time to support anyone in his network. He offered fine guidance in making my thesis.

Rosalie Meesters
Social Interaction Teacher, Alfa College, the Netherlands

A great person to work with.

Laiqa Sheikh
Education Consultant

my work

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International education


Research and development

Grants & project management

Project evaluation

Theology and religious studies


Humanitarian work

Web design and coding


about me

I was born in Helsinki in 1974. I was the only child but have become a father of four. I am in my second marriage.
I have mostly acquired professional titles I had promised never to acquire. The first half of my career was in humanities.  
Most of my competence comes from a University of Applied Sciences career. I am also an ordained priest. 
At age 44 I took a leap of faith, resigned and decided to become an entrepreneur. I had to start from the bottom again.
Since then, it has become my priority to be as authentic and generous as possible and get rid of any limiting beliefs.
I have never been a member of a political party.
I am a Christian with constant fluctuations towards Buddhism, atheism and agnosticism. But my God has eternal tolerance to see me ultimately become myself.
After some soul-searching  I have coined the concept Tachidy: Technologically Agnostic Christian Identity.
That’s someone applying any technology for a greater good but never letting the tools deprive us of our existential purpose that we grow to become aware of as human beings.

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Other brands

  • Arvokeskus will become live on social media later
  • Global Inner World will also have presence later
  • Global Inner World will use a shorter and more accessible name of Glinnworld







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