Sami Kivela


These questions may come to your mind, so here are some answers.

I am one of those people who can change their focus in an instant and even their whole paradigm every once in a while.

At times this makes it difficult to follow my thinking and I know this is my weakness. But the advantage of being wired this way is excellent suitability for today’s fast-paced gig economy. 

My fundamental values seem to have stayed the same throughout decades:

  • If we all could just get along and be nice to each other. The innocent inner child refuses to die and neither should it.
  • I hate to see social injustice prevail in any form.  
  • If and when I make a mistake, I want to apologise and do my best to reasonably make it up.
  • If I see others clearly needing to do the same but they don’t, it makes me angry. 
  • And if and when I see myself being blind to the experience of others, I want to repent and adjust my thinking. It’s often better to be happy than always right.

So it is my inner world expressed in the language of values that has remained my real focus. I hope that answered the question.  

In terms of worldview, I believe science gives us the best possible estimation of how the world can be explained. This means quantum physics, evolution theory, climate theories and so on. I have no problem respecting the idea that the current scientific consensus is in some ways the best possible knowledge we possess due to its rigorous methodology.

But in human activity interpretation always comes into play, and as a species we nowadays produce a vast amount of contradictory information. However, as we ultimately do better when we believe in something, I am a spiritual person and I believe I live in God’s world. But I need to take 100% responsibility of my actions.

In everyday decisions we make a lot of choices, be it in business, public life or at home. We need the best possible information to support our choices. But more importantly, we should have integrity. We should choose actions that promote life rather than destroy it. And when we all fail all the time, it’s up to us how we respond.

Of course they might deserve a more qualified person, just as I might deserve a more qualified executive. I have seen C-level execs behave like pretentious school children and then rise into great ethical heights. I can do that too. It’s all about if our chemistry clicks or not. 

When there’s a seminar break, they too go to the toilet. When they are in a tough spot, they too choose whether to keep lying or tell the truth. At the end of the day, we all need to give up everything we have accomplished. Death is a great equalizer.

I used to be afraid of authority figures but there’s really no point. So today I speak out. You are very much invited to treat me alike. 

My service is not really about the technicalities of administration and governance. Leaders are highly skilled in their duties and I probably have nothing to teach them there. As a CEO it is nowadays of course easier to discuss boss level questions.

But I know that countless executives have huge worries that keep them up at night. Things they know they cannot share to anyone, and this can make them very lonely. There’s a lot of taboos, and I know it’s really, really complicated. Too many times the stress has become too overwhelming with fatal consequences.

I want to have C-levels experience unconditional acceptance in places where it is very seldom experienced. I want them to be able to have many good years with renewed purpose. Lonely leaders cannot help lonely followers. Accumulated power and wealth have little to do with this – you lose your soul and you lose everything.

The ones who have resources will do fine without me. But there’s a lot of brilliant people with so much to give who have fell down in their secret hole with no way out or nobody to fully understand their situation. So I am here for them. I charge accordingly but fairly. 

As a member of the clergy I am under strict confessional privilege rules. This is not to say hush hush is the way to go, we really know it isn’t but your wellbeing is also of utmost importance. So there are things to discuss and there are ways to become wise win-winners.

Global Inner World is a concept that has been stuck in my mind for years. When the time came to begin as entrepreneur, I needed to have a name with real symbolic meaning, just as my only tattoo (’know yourself’ in Ancient Greek) is meant to symbolize an essential quest in my life.

So Global Inner World is the name of my company. But it’s also my vision for a global community, as I’ve explained in the About section. It’s an emerging entity, meant to be qualitatively something unique in this historical setting.

By historical I don’t imply my idea would go down in history as more unique than others. But everything has consequences in time and place and I do hope I could create true impact with the gifts I’ve been given. 

Global Inner World is about loving yourself and loving others. It’s also about acknowledging a higher force uniting us, whatever you want to call it. I interpret it as the triune God but it has many other symbolic representations in human languages. The community itself is religiously and politically neutral.

Global Inner World is meant to be a community for wise win-winners. This means people seek mutual benefits in one-to-one and larger relationships, often by getting to know very different people than they are used to, sometimes getting help for a very practical problem and sometimes addressing larger issues.

Global Inner World will be an invitation-only membership community. Prospective members will have to go through a test. If they pass it, they can acquire a lifetime membership diploma. For individuals, this will be the only use of resources ever needed. And it will be accessible to everyone.

Being a wise win-winner means taking 100 % responsibility over your life. It is about mental change that is channeled into positive action.

This action, when accumulated sufficiently, can change small things in multiple contexts around the planet. As a systemic change its material effects can be witnessed and reported but its essence lies in the intersection between mind and matter.

When the dream grows, we need many more people to oversee and develop the process. I cannot do it alone. So if you’re reading this and became inspired, do get in touch. I am really wishing for more like-minded humans to come into my life. 

I hope Global Inner World could be a piece of Heaven on Earth. Not a joke. I know we need to be hugely realistic and practical, but what better to do during this lifetime than to be agents for truth and love in any way possible?

I know this is a risky undertaking with many flaws and pitfalls ahead. But after thinking very hard about what I want to do in this life, I found that the best I can give to others is my own self and my inner world. And this is it, this is what I truly believe in.

Unity in you.    

Let’s take an evidence-based clinical view here. Now I’m being brutally honest with my medical history.

I’ve always been a thinking person, and sometimes too much so. You can say I have a vivid inner world that is not always expressed outwards successfully.

I have at times felt anxious, lonely and depressed over the years. In recent years I’ve often suffered from problems in social settings, eg. feeling I am not heard properly. This has somewhat effected functioning in everyday life.

On the other hand I’ve always had good coping mechanisms to come to terms with my experiences. And usually there have been at least a few trusted people to share things with. I often wish there’d be more friends around, but I’ve been too preoccupied with career and my own interests, so you get what you deserve in that respect.

The only time I’ve used medication for mental issues was briefly in the late 1990’s when I burnet out as an unqualified special education teacher. I was 24, pursuing dreams as a rockstar and just in a wrong place at the wrong time. I was diagnosed with anxiety and for a couple of months took part in a medical research where I did not know whether it was placebo or real medication. Still continued volunteering for the school, though.

There have been a few times when the overall situation in life has required turning to therapeutic services, eg. at the time of divorce in 2009.

In my early 40’s the hectic working life started taking its toll and I almost burned out again. Luckily I was able to see the signs early enough. After my own resignation and starting to build a new life as an entrepreneur I felt surprisingly lonely at times, having lost the old community, and a depression test showed warning signs. After seeking low-threshold help from the local public services I was able to come to terms with the situation. No need for medication.

In my early 20’s I attended a self-esteem workshop where a psychologist gave us self-assessment forms. I remember receiving a little above-the-average marks on narcissism regarding my self-esteem. I have always felt ashamed to admit this, since narcissism has such a bad vibe and we know how difficult it is to treat.

I have talked about this and it seems it’s not the worst of its kind, but still it worries me. Of course it’s a good sign I acknowledge it myself and can do something about it. But I may become blind towards the feelings of others at times, and I need to be brought back to show more empathy. I may also be opportunistic in my behaviour, seeking my own interest instead of the common good, often due to some innate fear.

So I’m far from perfect as a person. Nobody has a flawless inner world but I do believe there’s a spark deep inside all of us that is pure, perfect, capable and made out of universal love. 

This should give the reader indications of my mental state and whether I can evaluate it realistically.

If the Global Inner World approach seems flamboyant and out of place, I can kindly say that us Finns have had a cultural tendency to sabotage grand plans even before they have begun. If they aren’t about technology, that is. Luckily, this is no longer the case but I still recognise this thinking in myself.

So maybe all of this was unnecessary to share, or then again it wasn’t. I believe it’s fair to be as open as possible, if I’m ever hoping to bring about meaningful change in the world.

I think I have proven my capability in a few areas. Been awarded for sustainability, spoken to foreign ministers and academic leaders, brought a lot of money to ones in real need, helped and supported silently.

Being really good is a tough one – how good should you be? I may have problems selling my expertise, turning it into a product and finding a good product/market fit. As an entrepreneur you need to sell yourself, but having spent 20 years selling only my educational degrees and skills as an employee, it’s a new realm of course.

But there’s a lot of empty promises in the world of sales and marketing. When we have to get things sold, we promise the heavens but the reality is often different. I’ve seen it everywhere, even in Finnish education, the best in the world, the crown jewel of our country.

I need to survive and provide for my family, so I have prices. I want to build my brand and see my expertise and time valued fairly. It’s good to ask whether the lectures of a couple of western military leaders were worth almost $100.000. No fake.

I want to scale up the Global Inner World approach to millions of people, so I have a growth strategy. Business development, coaching and speaking are all part of the same narrative.

So am I worth the money? My pricing is at times negotiable but fixed for some products. I suggest you test me and see for yourself. What better way than to get in touch and make me practice what I preach? For a lot less than $100.000!

With my experience I can say that I am not perfect and neither is anybody else. We all want to be seen as effective and powerful. But at the same time everyone is fighting a hard fight.

If you want to buy first impressions, that’s fine, but I am not a great fan because we can all use gimmicks taught by those who get money from teaching first impressions.

I have found my true value lies more in my way of being committed to the task given, thinking of the big picture, sharing fresh ideas and genuinely wanting to help my fellow humans. The force for this comes from the outside, I did not invent it.

I ultimately wish we can get our job done with quality results, you feel it was a pleasure working with me and then we just smile and share a moment of being human beings before departing towards other necessities in life.

I live in Helsinki, Finland. I provide face to face organizational development, meaningfulness coaching and public speaking service mainly in the Helsinki-Uusimaa Region, but also nationally and internationally upon agreement. Travel costs are not included in the prices.

We can perfectly arrange online discussions whenever feasible.

Finnish is my native language and the language of my feelings. I can provide my services in either English or Finnish. Although I do know Swedish, French, Spanish, German, ali ali Nepali and maybe some other languages, I am most comfortable using English or Finnish.  

I take risk management very seriously and the terms of service are always agreed in written before delivery. Abiding to consumer and trade legislation and code of conduct relevant to specific services is my priority.

I hope we could see the signs early enough so things could be adjusted when there is time. But if disaster strikes and I just cannot deliver, negotiation on the terms is the first step. If that doesn’t help, we apply current legislation. And should things still look unsolvable, I have enterprise insurance regarding liabilities and legal processes.

Upon launching the site I am still working on the Data Protection Policy, including GDPR. I will have it available as soon as possible, and I want to do it properly. When you read this I can say I intentionally collect no other information except for the one you submit in the contact form. This will form a private registry held by Global Inner World Oy Ltd, based in Helsinki, VAT number FI29667319. Your information will not be forwarded to third parties and you can contact for details on what information has been gathered and whether you wish parts or all of it removed.

My name in Finnish is Sami Kivelä. The last Scandinavian letter is officially turned into ’ae’, so in my passport the international spelling goes Kivelae. But that’s really annoying to write and I don’t identify myself with it at all, so I’ve always used Kivela as the international spelling, and it’s worked fine so far.

By the way, we have a bunch of others in Finland sharing the same name. I’ve thought of using some way of becoming identified better, but currently I’ve left it as is. I hope we all can get along great. You can try searching for ’sami kivela diak’ for work I have done before, and there’s some research stuff with ’sami kivela svayambhu’ on Nepalese Vajrayana Buddhism and the Swayambhunath stupa in Kathmandu.  

Just join the Global Inner World community to find out.