My Work


TLDR: I play the guitar and have written a lot of songs.

I have always loved any Arts. Creativity has not literally paid for my meals, but somehow you cannot breathe without it.

I need to update this section later, but for now a quick roundup of the most meaningful things.

  • I have played the guitar since the age of 11. First classical, then electric. Current electric guitar is Gibson SG and the amp is a Fender Mustang I. I used to play a Les Paul with a Vox tube amp. There’s been other stuff lying around, of course.
  • I also play other instruments such as bass, drums and keyboards, but nowadays with little skills. Playing bass in a project together with Jukka Tolonen was great, as was him playing a guitar solo to one of my compositions called Life Might Have Other Plans.
  • I have composed dozens of songs, mostly in English. Some were recorded by our 1990’s British rock band called the Bliss. Others I have recorded home myself. A few have been shared on Youtube.
  • More on visual arts, poetry etc. later. 🙂