My Work

Humanitarian work

TLDR: I have been active in an organization with an aim to end caste-based discrimination.

Volunteering in the Dalit Solidarity Network in Finland

From 2013 to 2018 I was active in a Finnish human rights organization, the Dalit Solidarity Network in Finland (DSNFI). It is a voluntary organization that works to eradicate caste-based discrimination. DSNFI is part of the International Dalit Solidarity Network.

Working against caste-based discrimination was demanding but rewarding. We organized many events, talked to politicians and government officials, invited international top speakers to Finland and in general raised awareness in many ways.

The annual World Village Festival in central Helsinki was one of the top events for the network. There was also a photo exhibition to support events in many cities.

International meetings were important for meeting multiple stakeholders. I personally visited the UN Headquarters in Geneva during a side event for the Human Rights Council.

I served as a Board Member and for the last couple of years as Vice-Chair. Volunteering eventually took its toll and I had to quit after 5 years in spring 2018. The years still remain as a highlight in many ways.