My Work

Project evaluation

TLDR: I do development cooperation and other project evaluations. 

In 2010 there was an internal call for an evaluation project. The project was initiated by Dr. Heikki Hiilamo and involved an external evaluation of a Finnish-Nepalese non-governmental organization development project. The goal of the project was to reduce harmful effects of tobacco and smoking in Nepalese schools.

I became part of an excellent Finnish-Nepalese evaluation team. My colleagues Dr. Sakari Kainulainen and Senior Lecturer, Mr. Kyösti Voima had worked on an evaluation model in Southern Africa where Intensive Courses are used as a tool for teaching students about research methods, deploying international student teams to actually carry out the evaluation with the guidance of experts, and then the international team reports on the findings in various ways.

This was a very efficient method of combining higher education pedagogy and expert research, and in our project in Nepal we applied the approach to health promotion with good results. During 2010-2012 the team was able to gather over 9000 answers to questionnaires around Nepal. We presented our findings in a VIP seminar at Hotel Annapurna in spring 2012 and continued cooperation in other ways afterwards.