My Work

Web design and coding

TLDR: I have designed and created these pages myself. I can code something but mainly I am more comfortable talking about the nuances of cool CS issues than actually deploying stuff. I can easily help you in your hardware or networking issues at home or if you are suffering from hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields (EMF). 


NOTE: This section is about other web and coding stuff than blockchain, since it constitutes an area of interest of its own. Naturally blockchain too is all about web design and coding.

These pages were completely designed and created by myself in a few weeks. When I started my business in early 2019, the budget was very limited. I also love learning any new skill related to technology, so I knew I did not want to leave the project to an external web designer.

That said, I am fully aware of my limits. I am using WordPress with a free theme (Sydney by aThemes). Quite possibly purchasing the Pro version when I know how the free one works out. I know ready-made themes may cause problems and a custom theme would definitely have its benefits (not only a child theme but a real custom one). But like I said, I wanted to learn.

I started from scratch with this web project and basically learned everything about domains, hosting and WordPress while the company was merely fresh out of the oven. This site and the Finnish one (Arvokeskus) were created in some three weeks to launching state, four weeks when you add the first one of tinkering with domain and hosting purchases. 

I bought my four domains from Namecheap and chose the SiteGround GoGeek shared hosting plan. It’s semi-dedicated and well suitable for e-commerce and my other needs. I should still at least update to a dedicated IP. I will share info on this journey on social media.

Working with cPanel, email and FTP clients, mySQL databases and WordPress themes and plugins has been more demanding than I expected, and it has taken a lot of time. The theme had to be changed a couple of times. But I hope all of this will pay off in the end. I am pretty happy with the results. 


Coding… the world needs coders! Finland needs coders! Let’s all become coders! 

It’s crazy nowadays. I started with BASIC and Pascal decades ago but never got my head around C properly. But after many years the time is ripe to start learning again, so that’s what I’ve been doing for a year or so. As I’ve written in this Medium post, it was actually the Ethereum blockchain that revitalized my interest in coding and computer science in general.

I’ve started learning many languages but have become fully operational in none. Still, I can have meaningful discourses on topics such as:

What makes Python the optimal language for data scientists?

Who created C++ and where is it best used?

Which is the native language of the Unity game engine?

Why will Ethereum developers use a Python-based language instead of a JavaScript-based one in the future?

What is Golang and which tech giant invented it?

Why do universities still use Java as a preferred language for CS basics?

How would you use the human body as an analogy to methods, classes, functions and variables?


Ok, you get the picture. I could go into more details but you have to remember I don’t have a degree yet. For my own learning I’ve used resources such as the Harvard CS50 MOOC (general computer science), Udemy (JavaScript), Youtube (Python etc.), Khan Academy, freeCodeCamp (HTML + CSS) and SoloLearn (Python). I’m taking the Helsinki University MOOC on Computer Sciences basics where Java is the language being used. Some books on PHP, OS, Java and CS are on my bookshelf.

Concluding remarks on tech

I’ve always had a nerdy side inside of me but somehow my spatial cognitive skills are not optimal. I will never become a great developer but I love being able to communicate in the languages of natural science. I have always been interested in both software and hardware and have built a few desktops along the road. We can talk about Intel vs. AMD, ASICs vs. GPUs or whatever. Oh, and I have the Raspberry Pi. 

I use PC, Mac and Linux in everyday work. I definitely don’t know but a fraction of things but I know quite well where to seek the right information. I sometimes use resources such as Github and Stack Overflow to get things done. I use a lot of Medium, Twitter and other media to stay updated.

Similarly to blockchain, I also like to follow both technical and sociological discussions on data science, AI, cybersecurity, mechanism design and so on.

I am very concerned about the wellbeing of people who cannot for some reason live in a highly technological environment. If you are hypersensitive to electro-magnetic fields (EMF) or have other tech-related issues, I would be happy to discuss and try to help you in your situation.