Arvokeskus (in Finnish)

Arvokeskus dot com (stands for Value Center) is my blogging site in Finnish. Its purpose is to engage in demanding discussions on values and everyday ethics. 
By ’demanding’ I mean tackling issues not always with political correctness but always respecting human dignity and laws. So if I believe the global system is broken and something needs to be done, there’s no earthy voice that can stop me from saying it. This is so liberating in being an entrepreneur! 
But at the same time I need to constantly evaluate my own prejudices and why I think the way I do. Bashing any individual person or community would imply I may actually need to turn the blame on myself, this is what I believe. Hostility takes us nowhere, we must take full responsibility for our words. Similarly I take great pains to respect national and international legislation and sector-specific ethical norms whenever possible.
But at the same time we need huge courage to stand out and say what needs to be said. There is a great thirst for better morality at all levels in society and economy.
And I want to not only talk but also to act. In the process I need to challenge myself first. I believe this is the only meaningful way and I call you, the beloved reader, to do the same whenever possible.
The range of topics goes from the meaning of life and existential questions to practical issues such as entrepreneurship, humor, health, sales and marketing. 
And if you don’t speak Finnish, now is a great time to learn! Welcome aboard.